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Buying wine can be so intimidating.

You get varying descriptions that sound like:

"Full to medium body", "Dry", "Crisp", "Sweet (but when you taste it, it's not even really sweet at all??)" . . . 

What do these descriptions even really mean??

Hi and welcome to Wine 101 MNL.

We're here to hopefully make things a little easier for you to understand. Our founder is a beginner to all things wine and hence understands the real struggle of purchasing wine. Given this, she will be writing honest descriptions in all our products and tell you things in layman's terms. No jargons. No lies. No confusing descriptions.

She'll probably also educate herself along the way and share her learnings.

Follow us and join our journey to learning more about wine and maybe also order some along the way?

To our expert wine drinkers out there, please be kind! And don't worry, we will also be including an expert's caption or the official wine descriptions for your perusal.